Fragance chemistries are complex, and yours deserves the advanced microencapsulation technology only we can provide.

 No two fragrances are alike

We enjoy turning challenges into solutions. Fragrance solutions are notoriously challenging, requiring advanced functionality to deliver at precisely the right time. Our smart chemistry complements a proven developmental model, yet accounts for your unique fragrance solution and capsule performance needs.

Many fragrance microcapsules have significant limitations on payload or perfume character. Many experience problems with fragrance retention. Our EnSensa technology focuses exclusively on the specific attributes and challenges of encapsulating fragrance chemistry. Our capabilities could open up additional opportunities to efficiently and effectively deliver fragrances in existing or new applications.

We support you with a powerful team

The Encapsys staff includes microencapsulation scientists, industry experts, and staff with over 600 combined years of microencapsulation expertise. We have dedicated R&D facilities, a large-scale pilot plant, an ISO 14001-certified manufacturing plant, and robust logistics systems to serve customers worldwide.

Our collaborative approach is an ongoing technical exchange, as we adapt our technology to best meet your product’s needs. In the end, you can expect consistent, high-quality, and high-payload capsules. Our confidence is the result of over 60 years of experience with large, commercial-scale production volumes.

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