You know, and likely already have, capsules. You may even have in-house microencapsulation capabilities. As a core listed fragrance house, you are already in. So, how can EnSensa™ technology help you? 

Even if you are core listed, we can sharpen your senses.

  • Expand your manufacturing capabilities
  • Grow and improve your technology
  • Develop better fragrance delivery solutions
  • Collaborate with an experienced industry player

Microencapsulation is our core competency. It’s what we do. Our insight is a valuable guide as we work together to create new, advanced fragrance functionality. We start by listening to you, becoming engaged and understanding your specific needs. Our collaborative approach is an ongoing technical exchange, and we always maintain complete confidentiality.

Let's Connect, Coordinate and Create

We partner with fragrance houses to deliver advanced fragrance functionality for the industry. Yet to be successful, it takes a true collaborative approach: sharing knowledge, exchanging resources, listening to needs, learning as much as possible about our customer’s ingredients, focusing on success. Joint development can lead to product and performance improvements neither of us thought possible.

Designed around our EnSensa™ microencapsulation technology, our smart chemistry solutions give us the ability to innovate and push technology to new levels. This drive is balanced with our accountability to not only the people who use our innovations, but our environment as well.

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