So, you do not have fragrance capsules today, but you understand their value. EnSensa™ technology can help take your fragrance to market.

You want in? We can help!

If you're ready to bring the advantages of EnSensa to your fragrance, we help you:

  • Collaborate with an experienced industry guide
  • Develop better fragrance delivery solutions
  • Rely on our manufacturing capabilities
  • Grow with a goal of becoming core listed by consumer products companies

Microencapsulation is what we do. And, we have worked with fragrance houses of all sizes. Our collaborative approach provides insight as we work together to create new, advanced fragrance functionality. We start by listening to you, becoming engaged and understanding your specific needs. We develop a fragrance delivery solution with scale-up production in mind, so your launch is smooth and successful. And of course, and we always maintain complete confidentiality.



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