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Comfortable living is better living, made possible by high performance microencapsulated PCM from Encapsys.

Microscopic EnFinit PCM gives ordinary items extraordinary new powers, transforming them into tools to manage and improve your personal climate. And EnFinit PCM never fails or needs replacement.

Dedicated to Innovation

We Strive to Advance the Science of Microencapsulation - You Gain Advanced Technology in the Bargain.

From developing state of the art encapsulated phase change materials for advanced thermal management to creating high-performance formaldehyde free formulations, we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation. Combined with our scale-up and large-scale production capabilities, Encapsys is uniquely capable of developing solutions for your enterprise.

Microencapsulated PCM

Comfortable living is better living ... made possible by EnFinit™ PCM. ...


100% Formaldehyde-free formulations for safe, eco-friendly applications. ...

Encapsys Fragrance Solutions

Smart chemistry. Complete collaboration. Solutions for the fragrance industry. ...

Focused on Continuous Improvement

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

At Encapsys, we believe that science is the process of working toward an ever more complete knowledge of the world around us. It is a process of continuous improvement, and it is at the heart of our work. We embrace failure as necessary to the pursuit of refinement and build our hard-won knowledge into everything we do.

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EnFinit PCM

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Comfortable living is better living ... made possible by EnFinit™...


Market Value

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Our operational capabilities and technologies are unique. ...


Our Scientists...

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Our scientists are the leading experts in microencapsulation. ...


Large-Scale Production Capacity

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We're ready when you are, with the people, technology and tools t...


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Our experts bring brilliance and passion to your project. ...


Fragrance Controlled Release

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EnSensa capsules — premier solutions and industry insight. ...


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