With Microencapsulated PCM, Comfortable Living is Better Living

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image Phase Change Material microcapsules.EnFinit™ phase change material (PCM) has the power to impact life on many levels. The ability of phase change material to reuse, restore, and recycle thermal energy is the ultimate example in energy conservation. The microscopic nature of EnFinit capsules means that PCM can now be easily integrated into an array of products, including textiles, mattresses, building materials, electronics, automobiles, and a host of other goods.

EnFinit PCM acts as a heat capacitor that stores a massive amount of heat energy through its outstanding thermal mass characteristics. We further optimize temperature control with superior latent heat and precision melt/transition properties. Our highly engineered, durable capsules provide exceptional integrity, maintaining high performance throughout a product’s lifetime.

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary

Ordinary items become extraordinary as personal comfort is improved by managing your personal climate. Plus, products enhanced with EnFinit PCM perform throughout their lifetime.

Easy to use and U.S.-manufactured EnFinit PCM absorbs heat energy as the encapsulated phase change material transitions from a solid state to a liquid state and releases the stored heat when temperatures drop. This heat exchange process produces a thermal buffering condition, minimizing changes of the temperature of the skin while wearing a garment or when relaxing on bedding materials or a mattress. And in building materials, it is heating/cooling conservation in its purest form.

Capturing and reusing latent heat energy is a win for “people, planet, and products.”

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