Encapsulated phase change materials from Encapsys help manage heat for a comfortable night sleep on foam mattresses and with other PCM enhanced bedding products.

Come visit Encapsys at this year's ISPA Expo. Our product experts will be in booth 3513 to talk with Expo visitors about phase change capsules for cooling in mattresses and bedding items and to introduce our slow release capsules for essential oils. 

Fragrance Controlled Release

With Encapsys slow-release capsules, essential oils and their many benefits can be incorporated into mattresses and other bedding materials. Oils such as lavender, sandalwood and chamomile have soothing properties. Encapsys patented slow-release capsule design forms a very thin shell around each essential oil droplet, resulting in a long, long lasting period of pleasant scent.

Performance Phase Change Capsules

Developed by Encapsys scientists, encapsulated PCM can be incorporated in all layers and components of mattresses and other bedding products for optimum cooling and comfort. 

Visit Encapsys at ISPA Expo

Find out more about Encapsys and our products for cooling and comfort in mattresses and bedding products by visiting us at ISPA Expo. Our product experts will showcase both slow-release capsules for essential oils and encapsulated PCM, and provide an overview of how Encapsys capsule technology can be incorporated into foams, coatings and textiles for the bedding industry.

ISPA Expo Details

  • Date: March 14-16, 2018
  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Visit Encapsys at Booth 3513

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