Encapsys to demonstrate EnFinit encapsulated phase change material alongside Milliken at Interzum 2017

Interzum 2017, the next edition of the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, is just around the corner and Encapsys, LLC will be an exhibitor, offering visitors insights into the benefits of personal climate management with EnFinit® encapsulated phase change materials (PCM).

A Global Audience for Encapsulated PCM from Encapsys

The Cologne, Germany-based trade fair, held this year from May 16-19, is known world-wide as a gathering place for thought leaders, designers, and materials experts to gain access into news, trends and insights that will guide the industry in developing new approaches and solutions.

As a result, the trade fair draws both an incredible audience and a large number of exhibiting companies. In 2015, more than 57,500 attendees from 143 countries attended the show, attracted by the 1,561 companies exhibiting their products and services.

Exhibiting with Milliken, the Textiles and Materials Innovation Leader

Encapsys will be sharing space in stand A-027, Hall 11.1 with Milliken, one of the world’s leading innovators in textiles and materials. Milliken will be exhibiting its product lines, including its Reactint® colorant technology for coloring polyurethane, which supports foamers who offer Deep Color Foam.

“When it comes to foam mattresses, color is a force to be reckoned with,” noted Antoni Puig, product line manager, EMEA – PU Colorants & Additives. “It can stir up or ease emotions, while grabbing consumers’ attention, telling them it’s their favorite brand, suggesting the product has certain qualities, or highlighting the various, differentiating characteristics such as comfort, resilience or breathability that PU foam can bring to a mattress. Color can be one of your product’s strongest assets by helping in any number of areas — from branding, differentiation and personalization, to highlighting and marketing. In fact, most consumers cite color as a primary reason for buying a product.” 

EnFinit Encapsulated PCM - Experience Personal Comfort Management

Encapsulated PCM from Encapys can provides personal comfort management for foam and textiles in bedding, mattresses, clothing, pillows, cushions and more.

Encapsulated PCM from Encapsys provides personal comfort management for bedding, mattresses, pillows and more.

Alongside Milliken, Encapsys will exhibit EnFinit encapsulated PCM, which provides foamers and mattress makers with lasting, cooling comfort. Encapsulated PCM from Encapsys has many consumer product applications, including in bedding and sleep systems, cushions, medical devices, footwear, apparel and other consumer comfort products. EnFinit PCM is bio-based and formaldehyde free, giving consumers an opportunity to experience personal comfort management.

At Interzum, the Encapsys display will include foam that incorporates EnFinit PCM and is colored with a deep blue Reactint. The rich color reinforces the foam’s unique PCM-based functional characteristics and clearly demonstrates how color can be used for differentiation. 

"We have a strong effort in Europe to grow our PCM Business," said Encapsys product expert Jei McKinney. "By being in Europe, and at Interzum, we want to show the market that Encapsys is serious about growing the PCM business." 

PCM Demo and Show Details

Show Dates: May 16 – May 19, 2017

Where: Stand A-027, Hall 11.1
            Messeplatz 1
                50679 Cologne, Germany

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