As an industry leader, Encapsys often creates newsworthy products and is involved in groundbreaking projects. As a result, articles about our technology written by Encapsys leaders have been in demand by the technical press.

Microencapsulation Enhances Building Products

In Construction Executive magazine, Encapsys discusses the potential for microencapsulated phase change material (PCM) to bring significant energy advantages to the construction industry.

Expanding the Functionality of Coatings Through Chemical Microencapsulation

In Paint & Coatings Industry magazine, Encapsys provides a summary of the many performance advantages microencapsulation technologies offer for a variety of uses. These include separating substances, protecting product utility, enhancing consumer safety and in the development of self-healing coatings, to name just a few.

New Encapsulation Frontiers

The exploration of chemical microencapsulation could lead food producers to places thought to be unreachable if the methods could be creatively applied or adapted to the food industry. Article in The World of Food Ingredients.

Product Innovation through Microencapsulation

Manufacturers of adhesives and sealants are just one class of innumerable types of companies that face challenges in improving the compatibility of ingredients in order to maintain product effectiveness. Coverage of Encapsys microencapsulation technology in Adhesives & Sealants Industry magazine explores how collaboration with Encapsys helps manufacturers solve difficult development challenges through microencapsulation.

Supply Chain: Collaboration Vital in Applying Technologies

Cosmetics is a multibillion dollar industry, but while progress in microencapsulation in the industry has occurred in recent years, many gains are yet to be made. In Supply Chain magazine, Encapsys gives an overview of the ways microencapsulated fragrances can revolutionize the industry.

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