Thermal camera image of microencapsulated PCMs keeping mattress temperatures in a target range for optimal sleep comfort.

Encapsys, LLC, the leading global producer of high-performance microencapsulated phase change materials (PCMs) for use in foams, textiles and a wide range of consumer goods and industrial technologies is an exhibitor at Foam Expo, held in Novi, Michigan from February 28 to March 2, 2017. 

Foam Expo is a free-to-attend exhibition and conference serving manufacturers and buyers of technical foam materials, products and services.

Live Demo of Formaldehyde-Free PCM

At the conference, Encapsys officials will provide information about market-leading bio-based and formaldehyde-free PCM solutions that are particularly well-suited for use in maintaining and improving personal comfort in a variety of applications, including automotive interiors, bedding, performance fabrics and more.

During the show, company officials will provide hands-on demonstrations of the effectiveness of Encapsys microencapsulated PCMs, using actual samples.

"We will have a product demonstration session at our booth," said one company sales official who will be in attendance at the show. "We're going to have some samples, some foam samples that are either coated with PCM or impregnated with PCM. We wanted to show both, so people can feel them."

PCM Demo and Show Details

Show Dates: February 28 – March 2, 2017

⇒ Encapsys PCM Demo: March 1 at approximately 3:00 PM

Where: Booth #1020

Suburban Collection Showplace,
46100 Grand River Ave,
Novi, MI 48387, USA

New to PCM? Visit Encapsys at Foam Expo!

Experience Encapsys microencapsulated PCM for yourself. 
Visit us at Foam Expo Booth #1020.

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.foam-expo.com

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