We’re excited to be a company that stands alone after being purchased by a private investment firm from Appvion, Inc., our former parent. Encapsys, LLC is owned by a group of private investors led by Sherman Capital Holdings, LLC. We are seen by our buyer as a company with a very bright future. We agree!

Encapsys will continue to do what we do today: provide innovative microencapsulation expertise to extend the use of high-value chemicals and commodity materials alike. We are still a customer-centered, world-class manufacturing organization and supply partner. Employees working at Encapsys when we were a part of Appvion are still our employees today. Your contacts at our company stay the same.

What changes for our customers? Not a lot. What’s important is what doesn’t change: Encapsys is still your collaborator and partner in finding business-savvy, smart chemical solutions that help you grow. We expect to be growing along with you, as we innovate to find you a competitive edge. What changes for our suppliers? A few things will be different. You will be contacted by Encapsys to ensure you know how orders and payments will move back and forth in our new systems. What doesn’t change is our intent to partner with you to our mutual advantage. Encapsys plans on staying in Wisconsin. We’ll keep our headquarters in Appleton and our microcapsule production in Portage, where expansion is planned. Our new mailing address and phone number are shown on this website. Our www.encapsys.com website of course remains the same. Let us know if you have questions: use the Contact Us feature under the About Us tab, or call your regular Encapsys contact. And thank you for working with us through this transition!

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Encapsys, LLC

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