Encapsys fragrance microencapsulation brings the olfactory pleasure of lavender, and of many other scents, to the forefront in a wide range of consumer applications.

Smart Chemistry. Complete Collaboration

Encapsys creates unique solutions developed precisely for each fragrance that we encapsulate. Our team of experts partners with you to learn how you want your specific fragrance to perform. In short, you get a custom result every time. We work with fragrance providers—from large to small, from those who know encapsulation to those unfamiliar—to produce results as quickly as possible.

Through our EnSensa™ microencapsulation technology, we deliver solutions through an open innovation process.

We are the dedicated fragrance delivery experts of Encapsys. Our collaborative approach is an ongoing technical exchange, while complete confidentiality is always maintained. Using our fragrance industry know-how, you will improve your speed-to-market as well as gain confidence as we develop breakthrough improvements in fragrance efficiency and performance.

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