Large-scale microencapsulation production based in the USA means Encapsys can scale-up microencapsulation capacities necessary to meet the most demanding needs.

From Totes to Tankers, Encapsys Stands Ready

Shipping and Receiving at Encapsys Manufacturing FacilityFrom the onset of crafting prototypes in our lab, we can predictably scale up to producing commercial volumes that meet the global supply demands of our partners. Each and every year, we ship tens of thousands of tons of microcapsules to all corners of the world.

We take pride in meeting operational excellence standards. At our plant in Portage, Wisconsin, we use Lean and Six Sigma processes in all aspects of our operations.

So, whether you need microcapsules by the tote or the tanker, need it delivered across the country or across the world, we have the capacity and the ability to meet your needs.

Typical Shipping Containers


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