Working in the lab, and Encapsys lab technician works on microencapsulation technologies for use in flame retardants, phase change materials, and fragrances.

Earning the Right to Be Your Partner of Choice

Encapsys is fully prepared to bring your microencapsulation dream to life. Our product development management process brings brilliance and passion to your project and produces real-world results. A team of experienced problem-solvers, Encapsys Custom Encapsulation experts explore the possibilities, discovering the right fit for your microencapsulation needs.

Co-Development: Your imagination meets our proven process

From start to finish, we employ a knowledge-sharing philosophy that drives our product development process. One example of a solid collaboration partnership is our relationship with Procter & Gamble. Through co-development, we created a microcapsule that was strong enough to perform as needed, helping P&G deliver a heightened consumer experience while also meeting their business needs. And, through a continuous improvement journey, we have earned P&G’s Top-Performing Supplier Award for four consecutive years now.

Contract Manufacturing Services: Let us scale-up your microcapsules

Our Microencapsulation Services team works in conjunction with our operations group to create a comprehensive manufacturing plan to meet your production needs. We specialize in post-development scale-up to create real-world production numbers. Whether it is an innovative idea or a proven formulation, we can use our manufacturing experience and capabilities to quickly form an economic and technical assessment.

 It all starts with a discussion. Let’s talk about your needs and how we can help.


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