A scientist works on the formulation for microencapsulated phase change materials for use in and with polyurethane foam products, including mattresses and pillows.

... A Sixty-Year Tradition of Innovation

Scientists affiliated with the company that is now Encapsys, LLC were the pioneers in the development of the science and technology of microencapsulation.

Working in our labs, scientists like Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green, along with many others, began exploring the promise of microencapsulation over 60 years ago. The technology was so astounding at the time that the U.S. Patent Office refused at first to believe that a microcapsule could exist. Originally developed to enable the production of carbonless copy paper, Schleicher recalled meeting with the U.S. patent examiner.

“The examiner,” Schleicher recalled, “refused to believe that a capsule existed, that the paper contained nothing more than an oil and water emulsion. So I put my equipment and materials on his desk and demonstrated the entire process right in front of him!"

That enterprising spirit and determination to advance and commercialize the technology of microencapsulation lives on today in our state-of-the-art laboratories. 

Following in the tradition established by the pioneers of the industry who worked in our laboratories decades ago, our scientists continue to explore the chemistry that underlies microencapsulation while inventing new avenues for application and commercialization. 

Whether it is in fields as diverse as coatings, phase change materials, agricultural controlled release, or fragrance controlled release, Encapsys is the leading innovator in microencapsulation. 

With our technical and scientific expertise, large-scale production facilities, deep industry partnerships and advanced scale-up capabilities, we can be your preferred partner. 

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