From liquids to solids, we have encapsulated a wide range of core materials. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of internal phase components.

Core and Internal Phase Materials

Liquid Core Material Examples

Oils Oil—soluble materials Oil—suspensions
Perfumes Pesticides Bleaches
Solvents Dyes Cosmetics
Vegetable Oils Catalysts Insecticides
Water-soluble materials Water-suspension  
Sugars Pigments  
Salts Fungicides  
Acids Nutrients  

Solid Core Material Examples

Water-soluble materials Non-water soluble materials  
Dextrins Pharmaceuticals  
Bases Biocides  
Herbicides Minerals  

Capsule Materials

At Encapsys®, we utilize various wall technologies including melamine-based wall systems and formaldehyde-free polymers. We’ll help you discover the right solution for your application.

Release Mechanisms

Using a number of different methods, your core material can be released quickly or slowly. 

• Mechanical • Permeation
• Diffusion • Erosion
• pH • Osmosis
• Desiccation • Photolytic Release
• Enteric • Dissolution
• Ultrasonic • Thermal Release
• Biodegradation  

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