Microencapsulation is the process of surrounding microscopic particles with a uniform coating. At Encapsys®, we specialize in highly engineered encapsulation techniques, including coacervation, interfacial polymerization, and in situ polymerization to form a continuous wall around a particle to meet your specific characteristics. Our 100% Formaldehyde-Free microcapsules can be tailored to perform in the most sensitive to the most demanding of applications.

While mastery of science is vitally important, our success equally relies on craftsmanship, which is only possible by having a world-class technical staff focused on the art of microencapsulation. Despite the complex nature of the various techniques available, we make it easy to navigate the technical field. Our business development professionals can help you assess which method is best for your needs.

What materials can Encapsys encapsulate? See examples of core materials we have worked with and how they are released. What volume can Encapsys handle? Discover our capacity. Who can benefit from Encapsys’ innovations? Review a list of industries and end users we’ve helped.

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