We've invested in the best people, pioneered world-class technology and built superior scale-up and production capacity. 

From the onset of crafting prototypes in our lab, we can predictably scale up to producing commercial volumes that meet the global supply demands of our partners. Each and every year, we ship tens of thousands of tons of microcapsules to all corners of the world. Whether it is in fields as diverse as coatings, phase change materials, agricultural controlled release, or fragrance controlled release, Encapsys is the leading innovator in microencapsulation. With our technical and scientific expertise, large-scale production facilities, deep industry partnerships and advanced scale-up capabilities, we can be your preferred partner. 

You Can Rely On Our Technology.

From liquids to solids, we have encapsulated a wide range of core materials. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of internal phase components.

Microencapsulation is the process of surrounding microscopic particles with a uniform coating. At Encapsys®, we specialize in highly engineered encapsulation techniques, including coacervation, interfacial polymerization, and in situ polymerization to form a continuous wall around a particle to meet your specific characteristics. Our 100% Formaldehyde-Free microcapsules can be tailored to perform in the most sensitive to the most demanding of applications.

We're ready when you are, with the people, technology and tools to get microencapsulated solutions to you on time, every time.

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