Encapsys phase change technology uses a formaldehyde-free, bio-based microencapsulate PCM to improve personal thermal comfort for mattresses, pillows and other applications.

EnFinit microencapsulated phase change material (PCM) is bio-based and formaldehyde free providing outstanding performance and environmentally responsible peace of mind.

Hi-Performence Encapsulated PCMs

Performance benefits of microencapsulated PCMs from Encapsys.EnFinitâ„¢ microencapsulated phase change material (PCM) is a 100% formaldehyde-free containment system with unique performance properties: superior latent heat, durable design, flexible integration, and maintenance-free. EnFinit reduces active energy demand by means of passive energy gain. In textiles and bedding, consumers enjoy lasting comfort. In building materials, building occupants dwell in a comfortable climate.

Superior latent heat and Precision Melt Properties

EnFinit absorbs heat energy as the encapsulated PCM transitions from a solid state to a liquid state. When subjected to temperatures below the PCM freezing point, the stored energy in the capsule is released, providing a warming effect. This heat exchange process produces a pleasant buffering condition.

Our stock keeping product portfolio is focused on the needs of the market and our customers. However, we have contained a wide melt temperature range of PCMs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Characteristics and performance specifications for microencapsulated phase change materials (PCM) from Encapsys.

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