Encapsulated phase change materials (PCMs) from Encapsys can be used in all mattress layers to enhance comfort.

Are you looking to find out more about how encapsulated phase change materials (PCMs) can improve the performance and comfort of bedding products and ensure greater customer satisfaction? Then be sure to visit with our experts in booth #1640 at the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Expo held this year from March 18-20, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Phase Change Capsule Technology

Encapsys has more than 50 years of experience in designing microencapsulation technologies. As the leaders in the industry, our scientists have dedicated their industry-leading knowledge and experience to developing a high-performance encapsulated PCM that can be incorporated into mattresses, pillows and other sleep products to ensure optimum temperature regulation for improved customer comfort.

Now Offering PCM Plus

Encapsys PCM capsules are now available in combination with essential actives to add a variety of new benefits to sleep products. These include incorporation of encapsulated essential oils such as tea tree oil or CBD oil, adding a relaxing essence and mild anti-microbial action to already legendary Encapsys PCM thermal performance. Available options include:

  • PCM + Tea Tree Oil
    • Cooling comfort
    • Natural bed bug repellant
  • PCM + Lavender Oil
    • Cooling comfort
    • Natural antimicrobial
  • PCM + Eucalyptus oil
    • Cooling comfort
    • Natural antimicrobial
  • PCM + CBD Oil
    • Cooling comfort
    • Improves wellness

Simple is Better

PCM Plus is available as a single product from Encapsys. This means you get the benefits of both PCM temperature regulation − with the benefits of these other actives − without any mixing or mess. 

Visit Encapsys at ISPA Expo

Find out more about Encapsys and our products for cooling and comfort by visiting us at ISPA Expo 2020. Our product experts will showcase how our advance technology can improve customer sleep experiences and provide an overview of how Encapsys capsule technology can be incorporated into foams, coatings and textiles for the sleep products industry.

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