Encapsys microcapsules shown on a human hair in an image from an electron microscope.

Our partners value our technical qualities

Whether it's our technology, our scientific expertise, or our operational capabilities, many diverse markets benefit from the value we bring to a project, a partner or a product.

What we offer

  • Thin, continuous capsule wall
  • Tight control over capsule diameter
  • Control over wall-to-core ratio
  • Consistency in capsules across batches
  • Predictable scale-up
  • Technical resources and trade secrets
  • Scale capable

Our capabilities have made us a preferred partner for entities in the private sector, in academia and in government. When difficult technical challenges arise, these partners have sought help from Encapsys. 

Businesses value our partnering climate

  • Non-competing business model
  • Close, cooperative relationship
  • Willingness to invest
  • Disciplined approach

Give us a call today to find out how our expertise in microencapsulation can help you reach your goals. 

Vials of microencapsulation materials ready for testing in the main Encapsys laboratory.

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